Consultants, express your interest to work with LU companies on H2020 projects now

Date: 03/02/2014

We would like to invite consultancies experienced in EU-funded RDI projects to express their interest in becoming a priviledged partner for those Luxembourg-based companies now. 

The Fit4H2020 scheme is a national subsidy to Luxembourg companies planning to participate in Horizon 2020 calls for proposals. In this context, companies lacking experience in European projects and planning a project submission as coordinator will be able to take an experienced consultant on board, helping them to better understand and meet requirements of European calls.

Consultants, please express your interest by 14 February, EOB.

Luxinnovation is committed to recommending high-quality partners to its clients. Therefore, experts working with Luxembourg innovative companies that prepare proposals as project coordinators shall have a proven track record of successfully managing proposal submissions under previous EU programmes (FP7, AAL or others). Please enclose the following documents to your application:

  • A brief letter demonstrating your interest to cooperate with Luxembourg companies with Luxinnovation as intermediary
  • A résumé showcasing the main skills and experiences in EU funding of the experts who would provide support to project proposals (maximum 10 examples)
  • Any reference proving the consultancy’s quality and expertise that you deem relevant

For more information (the context, the Fit4Horizon2020 scheme, and a description of expected service), please consult the document below. 

Fit4H2020 Call expression of interest

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