Etix Everywhere – a future Luxembourg unicorn in our midst

Date: 06/09/2016

Etix Everywhere is the first Luxembourg start-up to be selected as one of 18 future European unicorns for the Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley ( SEC2SV) programme. CEO Charles-Antoine Beyney, a hugely successful serial entrepreneur who counts Etix Everywhere as his fifth company, talks to Luxinnovation about this and other exciting moments.

No small honour

Created and organised by Mind the Bridge and co-organised with EIT Digital from September 12-20, 2016, SEC2SV was recommended to Etix Everywhere by Luxinnovation’s Start-up Development team. It offers Etix Everywhere a one-week opportunity to pitch their start-up and engage with major U.S. industry players for sales, funding and collaboration opportunities in order to rapidly scale up on the other side of the Atlantic.

Asked about the real value of SEC2SV to Etix Everywhere, Charles-Antoine Beyney points to a comment of his founding partner and Managing Director, Antoine Boniface, who stated that “the week will be a fantastic opportunity to win the heart of Silicon Valley and leverage Etix Everywhere business. The programme will help deepen Etix Everywhere’s roots, not only in Silicon Valley but also all over the world.”

Indeed, the “everywhere” part of the company’s name is becoming a reality. Earlier this year, they opened offices in New York and San Francisco and they are working on data centres in Africa and Brazil.

Charles-Antoine was quick to thank Luxinnovation for their part in success, saying “We are very grateful to Luxinnovation. If it weren’t for the Start-Up Development team we would not even have known about this competition because they informed us about SEC2SV and recommended that we enter. Luxinnovation has helped us in numerous other ways as well. They invited us to present Etix Everywhere to investors at a recent event held at the Luxembourg Embassy in London. What’s more, they helped us to obtain a research and development grant from the Luxembourg government.”

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