Luxembourg Remuneration Survey

Date: 21/07/2016

Luxinnovation and the Luxembourg Automotive Components, ICT and Materials Clusters are partners of KPMG's Remuneration Survey in the Luxembourg commercial and industrial sector.

The 2016 Luxembourg Remuneration Survey is the first remuneration survey to look solely at the commercial and industrial sectors. For 26 years KPMG has produced annual remuneration surveys for the financial sector, but for this 2016 edition they decided to turn the attention to organisations within commerce and industry.

How will this survey improve your business?

Equipped with this survey, you will have…

  • …hard data to consult before you make strategic or everyday HR decisions.
  • …industry benchmarks for remuneration and fringe benefits for most (if not all) of the roles in your organisation.
  • …concrete knowledge of whether you’re competitive with the best market practices.
  • …an indicator of your progress in adopting new HR management processes.

Whom is the survey for?

The 2016 KPMG Luxembourg Remuneration Survey is meant for non-financial organisations in the following fields:

  • material and productions
  • services to business
  • distribution and sales

To get involved and participate in the survey please contact: Sabrina Bonnet (KPMG)

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