Fit4Horizon2020 is a national financial aid scheme initiated by the Ministry of the Economy and managed by Luxinnovation, the National Agency for Innovation and Research. Luxinnovation is National Contact Point (NCP) for Horizon 2020. 

Fit4H2020 allows Luxembourg SMEs to prepare a project proposal in a more confident and structured way, thereby increasing their chances to join highly visible, financially attractive, and innovative projects across most scientific and business domains. 

How to benefit from the aid 

  1. With our support or alone, identify calls for proposals that match your company’s vision and objectives.
  2. Hand in the Declaration of Intention as soon as possible to inform us of your plans to submit a proposal.
  3. Submitted the Horizon 2020 project proposal
  4. Send the Application for Financial Contribution to benefit from the Fit4H2020 aid, by joining the eReceipt proving the submission of your proposal.

Aid amount and conditions

The Fit4H2020 corresponds to 5% of the requested European Union financial contribution. Companies benefit from the Fit4H2020 aid independently of the call results. Payment is managed by the Ministry of the Economy. The aid is granted to companies based in Luxembourg that participate in a research and innovation-focused call for proposals in Horizon 2020. For further information and conditions, consult the Fit4Horizon2020 fact sheet.

Suggested procedure

If Horizon 2020 funding can be a good fit for your company, consider these next steps:

  • New to Horizon 2020?  Horizon 2020 funds collaborative and international innovation and research projects and is one major funding pot of the European Union. If you are less familiar with EU funding, you may start with  this handy guide, or contact us for personal advice.
  • Browse the  Horizon 2020 participant portal to find relevant calls for proposals, or get in touch with your  National Contact Point to get advice on what funding type fits your situation best.
  • Download the  application documents and hand in your Declaration of Intention one or two months before the call deadline to benefit from the Fit4Horizon2020 aid for Luxembourg SMEs.
  • Develop your project and craft a convincing proposal, bearing in mind excellence, impact, and implementation, and ensuring a good fit between your idea and the call.
  • Submit your proposal. You can then submit the Application for financial contribution to obtain the Fit4H2020 aid shortly. 

Fit4H2020 Factsheet_June 2015


Horizon 2020 National Contact Point

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Email: ncp.horizon2020 (at)