AIVA Technologies

Company details:

Name: AIVA Technologies

CEO: Pierre Barreau

COO: Vincent Barreau

CMO: Arnaud Decker

Founding date: 2016

Registered office: 198b, rue de Hamm, L-1713 Luxembourg




AIVA is an Artificial Intelligence capable of composing symphonic music on its own. The machine is learning from 17,000 (items of) classical sheet music in the public domain as a source of inspiration. Upon the client’s request, it is possible to set parameters to determine what kind of music AIVA will produce for them.

Luxinnovation spoke with Arnaud Decker and Vincent Barreau:

How did you first hear about Luxinnovation and our Fit 4 Start programme?

In May 2016, we participated in the Chamber of Commerce’s event for Entrepreneurs. After presenting our project to the Ministry of Finance, we were invited to contact Luxinnovation’s team. Discussing our idea with Antoine Hron, he encouraged us to apply for the Fit4Start program. And finally, here we are!

Likes about Fit for Start:


  • The network opens many doors
  • Motivating start-up environment
  • Challenging coaching sessions

What has your biggest achievement been since you founded AIVA? 

So far our biggest achievement was getting AIVA registered at SACEM, thus becoming the world’s first virtual artist recognised as a composer in an authors’ rights society.

What did you learn so far by participating in the Fit 4 Start programme?

Since we are musicians coming from a world of artists, the program taught us a lot. We got to know Luxembourg’s start-up scene and its opportunities. More precisely, we learned how to target the right groups, how to communicate effectively and how to use the lean start-up methodology to prepare the launch of our product on the market. 

What are your next challenges?

There are two major events coming up soon that are very important for us. We will be exhibitors at the AIBE Summit among big AI players in the world such as Tesla, IBM and Microsoft. We participated in Berlin’s European Film Market Start-Up challenge and we have been selected to participate in the event. We hope to meet new early adopters in the film production industry and generate additional revenues. Our objective is to make ourselves a name among AI pioneers and we are proud to #makeithappen in #Luxembourg.

Tip from an entrepreneur:

“Talk as much as you can about your idea and be ready to take risks. High risk, high reward!” 

–  AIVA Team


L'inscription à l'édition du printemps 2017 de Fit 4 Start est maintenant fermée.

L'appel à candidatures pour la prochaine édition sera ouvert cet été.


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