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CEO: Antoine Granjon

Founding date: June 2016

Registered office: 59, Boulevard Royal, Luxembourg



Because everyone is unique, Adapti believes that it’s more pleasant to browse websites and services if they perfectly match your personality. In fact, Adapti is so personalised, even the domain spells “me”.  

With Adapti, websites can understand their users and adapt to their expectations and needs in real time. The service personalises web content according to the person visiting the site. On the one hand, users can maintain full control over their data by filling in a profile with personal preferences. On the other hand, companies can be sure to present the right information to each visitor and guarantee an excellent user-experience to their clients and readers. Ultimately, this smart and user friendly big data solution represents a win-win.

Luxinnovation spoke with Adapti CEO, Antoine Granjon: 

How did you first hear about Luxinnovation and our Fit 4 Start programme?

A.G. – Initially, we had been looking for office space around Luxembourg. Thanks to the start-up ecosystem in Luxembourg being so well connected, Diego De Biasio from Technoport suggested the Fit 4 Start programme to us. We immediately decided to apply and managed to prepare and hand in our application within the last 4 days before the call for projects deadline. 

Likes about Fit for Start:


  • Professional coaching
  • Financial aid
  • Programme visibility

What has your biggest achievement been since you founded Adapti? 

A.G. – I am happy to say we already have some achievements to show. First of all, being selected for Fit 4 Start definitely counts as one of them. Then of course, growing our team has also been an important step in the right direction. Last but not least, it’s great to have an office in the LuxFutre Lab, which we were recommended to by Luxinnovation as well.

What did you learn so far by participating in the Fit 4 Start programme?

A.G. – I have to admit it used to be a bit difficult for us to define priorities and focus on essential tasks first. Fit 4 Start, the lean start-up methodology and the programme schedule helped us to improve time management and concretise our project.  

What are your next challenges?

A.G. – For us, there are a few weeks of intensive development left. After that we plan to commercialise our first product version. This means that we will test with first clients and afterwards begin to market our product to a broader public. Needless to say, new recruitments are also on the list of challenges. 

Tip from an entrepreneur:

“Do not hesitate, do not be scared but jump! You gain nothing by waiting around in your corner.” 

– Team


L'inscription à l'édition du printemps 2017 de Fit 4 Start est maintenant fermée.

L'appel à candidatures pour la prochaine édition sera ouvert cet été.


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