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Digital Innovation Hub: Advanced digital maturity assessment (step 2)

Conduct an in-depth assessment of your digital maturity

Get actionable insights into how specific processes of your manufacturing company’s business areas could be enhanced using digital technology as a basis for your digital transformation strategy.

Do you want input to make informed decisions and accelerate your digital transformation?

Our advanced digital maturity assessment provides an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s digital transformation journey. It takes you further than our initial digital maturity assessment and offers you detailed insights into various facets of your digital initiatives, digital technology integration, data management and customer engagement. 

The assessment takes approximately a half day and will involve your experts in fields related to operational technologies (OT). Together with our digital experts, they will analyse how your IT and OT systems could be fully interconnected and get input for your company’s long-term digital transformation strategy

The outcomes of the analysis will also help us suggest the best support services and tools for you to move your activities towards the automated, smart factories of industry 4.0.

Key benefits

Conducting an advanced digital maturity assessment will offer you the following advantages:

  • Valuable insights enabling informed and data-driven decision making for your digital transformation initiatives
  • Help to identify specific areas where your organisation can improve, allowing you to focus resources and efforts effectively
  • Opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by optimising your digital transformation strategy, enhance your customer experiences and stay ahead in the digital landscape

  • Personalised suggestions of support services and tools depending on your needs and digital transformation strategy

Who can benefit?

The advanced digital maturity assessment is relevant for a broad range of companies, including large groups, mid-sized firms, tech startups, traditional industries and service providers wishing to enhance their digital strategies and competitiveness. 

In order to be eligible for this service, your company needs to be based in Luxembourg and you should first have done our initial digital maturity assessment.

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Conduct the advanced digital maturity assessment

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