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Digital innovation flagship programme

Understanding the Digital Europe Programme

The Digital Europe Programme (DEP) is a comprehensive initiative launched by the European Union to accelerate the digital transformation of the European economy and society. This multi-year funding programme has been designed to address various challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age. 

The Digital Europe Programme is a flagship initiative of the EU aimed at fostering digital innovation, enhancing digital skills and reinforcing Europe's position in the global digital landscape. It was formally proposed as part of the EU's Multiannual Financial Framework for the period 2021-2027 and is a successor to previous digital initiatives.

Digital Europe Programme objectives

The programme has several key objectives:

  • Digital transformation: The DEP seeks to promote the widespread adoption of digital technologies across all sectors of the European economy and society. This includes support for digital infrastructure, digital skills development and the uptake of advanced digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing and cybersecurity solutions.
  • Innovation and research: The DEP aims to boost Europe's digital innovation capacity by funding research and innovation projects in areas such as AI, data analytics, and the internet of things (IoT). It supports collaboration between academia, industry and public institutions to drive innovation.
  • Digital skills: A significant portion of the DEP's budget is dedicated to improving digital skills and literacy among European citizens and businesses. This includes initiatives to enhance the digital competence of the workforce and to foster digital entrepreneurship.
  • Cybersecurity: Recognising the growing importance of cybersecurity in the digital age, the DEP allocates resources to strengthen Europe's cybersecurity capabilities. This includes funding for research, development and the deployment of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.
  • Digital public services: The DEP aims to enhance the availability and quality of digital public services across the EU. This includes efforts to digitise public administration and improve access to essential online services for citizens and businesses.
Key programme components

The DEP consists of several key components and funding streams, including:

  • Digital Innovation Hubs: These hubs, such as the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub, serve as centres of excellence for digital innovation and provide support to businesses and organizations in adopting digital technologies.
  • High performance computing: The DEP supports the development and deployment of supercomputers and high performance computing infrastructure to drive scientific research and innovation.
  • Artificial intelligence and data: The programme funds projects related to artificial intelligence, data analytics and digital skills development in these areas.
  • Cybersecurity: The DEP dedicates funding to strengthen Europe's cybersecurity capabilities and resilience against cyber threats.
  • Digital skills and competences: Initiatives to improve digital skills and competences are a core component of DEP, with a focus on education, training and upskilling.


The Digital Europe Programme is implemented through a combination of grants, financial instruments and partnerships with various stakeholders, including national governments, research institutions, businesses and non-governmental organisations.


In summary, the Digital Europe Programme is a forward-looking initiative by the European Union to harness the full potential of digital technologies for the benefit of its citizens, businesses, and society as a whole. It encompasses a wide range of activities and investments aimed at strengthening Europe's position as a global leader in the digital age.

The DEP is expected to have a profound impact on the European digital landscape by fostering innovation, enhancing digital infrastructure, and ensuring that Europe remains competitive in the global digital economy. It plays a crucial role in shaping Europe's digital future and achieving the objectives of the Digital Single Market strategy.

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