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Innovation Fund 

Deploy net-zero and innovative technologies

Apply for funding to one of the world’s largest funding programmes for the deployment of net-zero and innovative technologies for decarbonising European industry.

Are you looking for substantial funding to pilot solutions to decarbonise your industry?  

The Innovation Fund – the EU’s fund for climate policy, focusing on energy and industry – supports projects with the aim of bringing solutions to the market that can help decarbonise European industry and support its transition to climate neutrality while fostering its competitiveness. 

Its goal is to help businesses invest in clean energy and industry, boost economic growth, create future-proof jobs, and reinforce European technological leadership on a global scale. This is done by funding innovative projects focusing on:

  • innovative low-carbon technologies and processes in energy-intensive industries, including products that can substitute carbon-intensive ones
  • carbon capture and utilisation
  • construction and operation of carbon capture and storage facilities
  • innovative renewable energy generation
  • energy storage
  • net-zero mobility (maritime, aviation, road transport) and net-zero buildings

We can: 

  • help you determine whether the Innovation Fund is suitable for your company and innovation 
  • guide you in setting up your project 
  • explain how to best fill out the grant application 
  • advise on legal and financial matters

Key figures

€100 million  
  • From below €20 million to more than €100 million 
provided in grants of different scales
Max. 60% 
  • of co-funding in the case of regular grants
Max. 100% 
of co-funding in the case of competitive bidding

Key benefits

Innovation Fund funding offers the following advantages:

  • Opportunity to pilot solutions at high technology readiness level
  •  Opportunity to work alone or in a small consortia 
  • Project development assistance provided by the European Investment Bank

Who can benefit?

This initiative is open to private companies. We can support organisations located in Luxembourg.   

Calls for proposals are published on the Funding and Tenders portal, which provides detailed information on who can apply for each call. This is also where you can prepare your funding application.

Contact us

Optimise your Innovation Fund participation

Feel free to contact us for further information and support. 

We are also available to discuss how this funding measure and others would best fit into your long-term strategy.

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