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Become a Fit 4 Start jury member
This opportunity is open to experienced entrepreneurs, investors & industry-specific experts.

Contributing to Fit 4 Start as a jury member

The programme is open to potential jury members demonstrating, among other things, the following qualitities:

  • Extensive knowledge of new technologies in general
  • Extensive knowledge of the Luxembourg startup ecosystem and business landscape as well as of the international startup landscape
  • Extensive network within the Luxembourg startup ecosystem and business landscape
  • Ability to easily interact in English (Luxembourgish, French and German are considered an asset)

The role of jury members

Jury members are actively involved in two key phases of the programme: the pitching sessions and the coaching phase, which includes regular steering committee meetings.

The overall role and final goal of the jury members is to actively support the programme participants and the programme itself, and to contribute as such to the continuous expansion of the Luxembourg startup ecosystem as well as to the development and promotion of national success stories.

Role of jury members during the coaching phase and the steering committee meetings

  • Contribute to the definition of the graduation goals participants are required to fulfill in order to graduate
  • Take note of the pre-steering committee reports prepared by the coaches and the participants’ pitch decks, including their maturity matrix, prior to the steering committee meetings
  • Participate in all periodic half-day steering committee meetings organised during the coaching phase
  • Actively contribute to the Q&A and deliberation sessions of the steering committee meetings
  • Assess every pitch and each startup’s progress towards the graduation goals via the voting tool provided by the organiser
  • Provide relevant feedback and input to the participants during the steering committee meetings to help them further develop their specific business cases with the help of the coaching team
  • Take note of the post-steering committee report, prepared by the coaches following the steering committee meetings, which summarises the results of the steering committee meeting and the action points on which participants are supposed to work
  • During the last steering committee meeting, the jury members decide which programme participants will graduate based on their achievement level of the agreed graduation goals, their attendance to and participation in the coaching sessions and steering committee meetings as well as their commitment to the programme and action plan to develop substance and operations in Luxembourg

Role of the jury members during the pitching sessions

  • Prior to the start of the pitching sessions, jury members shall communicate potential conflicts of interest with the pitching candidates to the organiser
  • Take note of the Fit 4 Start information booklet provided by the organiser prior to the pitching sessions
  • Attend and actively participate in all relevant pitching sessions (including the Q&A)
  • Assess every pitch via the voting tool provided by the organiser
  • Deliberate with the other jury members and select the startups that will be admitted for participation in the programme
  • Take note of the post-pitching sessions report provided by the organiser following the pitching sessions, which summarises the results of the pitching sessions and the profiles of the selected participants as well as identified conflicts of interest, if any
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