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Sustainability enabler ecosystem

Luxinnovation has mapped areas in which companies can innovate to be more sustainable and identified sustainability enablers which can provide products, technologies, skills and solutions needed to achieve this goal.

A framework for sustainability through innovation

According to the United Nations, three main pillars underpin all sustainability work: people, planet and prosperity. The UN has also defined 17 sustainable development goals. They include dimensions such as clean water, clean energy and climate action, as well as goals related to economic growth, industry, innovation, peace and justice.

However, the step from the inner pillars and sustainable development goals to the daily activities of most companies can seem very lengthy. In order to translate these high-level foundations into concrete business functions where company executives can innovate in order to make their businesses more sustainable, Luxinnovation has published the study Sustainability framework: Areas in which businesses can become more sustainable.

Sustainability mapping

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The agency has identified six business functions where companies can innovate to become more sustainable:

  • Production of goods and services
  • Support functions
  • Strategy, governance and compliance
  • Human resources
  • Purchase and procurement
  • Company infrastructure

It also lists the 25 most relevant sustainability topics for businesses that concretely exemplify what can be done.

Sustainability framework
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Overview of sustainability enablers

Finding and adopting the right products, services, solutions and technologies can help companies innovate to become more sustainable. Luxinnovation has produced a mapping of Luxembourg sustainability enablers covering well over 400 organisations. The mapping, based on data from May 2023, presents a number of technology providers who can help companies innovate in order to become more sustainable. It also covers product and service providers, investors, technology providers, investors and consultants, accelerators and institutional enablers, certification organisations and research and testing centres. They can be filtered according to sustainability topics, key technologies, targeted markets and geographical location.

For each entity covered in the sustainability enablers mapping, the final tool provides brief descriptions of their expertise in the field of sustainability, as well as links to their websites. The aim is to provide the specific knowledge about which companies can be contacted to find the solution or expertise needed.

Do not hesitate to contact us:

  • If you do not appear on the mapping and wish to be added on the list
  • If you wish to make any changes regarding your entity (name, description, attributes)
  • If you wish to be removed from the list
  • If you have any other comment regarding this mapping

If you would like to understand how the mapping was built, please refer to the methodological document or the methodological overview below. To better understand how to use the sustainability enablers tool, please download the infographic.

How to use the dashboard

Download the infographic

Methodology overview

Download the overview

Scope and methodology: detailed report

Download the study

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