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Cedric Spaas Arspectra

“A highly supportive relationship”

Healthtech start-up Arspectra has been in contact with Luxinnovation ever since its creation in 2018. After participating in the Fit 4 Start accelerator programme the same year, it has also received valuable input from the agency to get innovative projects off the ground and, most recently, to successfully apply for funding from the prestigious European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator.

Arspectra develops and offers unique proprietary augmented and mixed reality solutions for various applications in healthcare. “With our augmented reality glasses and unique visualisation solutions, we are able to display data that healthcare specialists can benefit from without taking their eyes off their patients,” says CEO Cédric Spaas. “They can be more focused on their actions and make significant time and cost savings.”

Luxinnovation has played a fundamental role in the growth of our network.
Cédric Spaas

When creating the company, the founders of Arspectra were new to Luxembourg and its start-up ecosystem. “As Luxinnovation is one of the central hubs, we initiated the first contact after just a few months,” Mr Spaas remembers. “Over the years, this contact has evolved into a very good and highly supportive relationship. Luxinnovation has played a fundamental role in the growth of our network, both in and beyond Luxembourg, as well as in the launch of our innovative developments.”

Medtech reality check

Cédric Spaas, CEO, ArspectraIn 2018, the company joined the healthtech vertical of the Fit 4 Start programme. “Launching a product or service in the medical sector is a complex process, not least due to the extensive requirements for certifications, validations, partnerships and investments prior to the launch,” Mr Spaas points out. “Our early team had significant experience in technology engineering and commercialisation, but also a certain starter’s unawareness regarding the speed and cost barriers that medtech innovations have to overcome.”

I can clearly see that this early feedback has played a significant role in many of our key choices and milestones.
Cédric Spaas

The experienced coaches and jury members of Fit 4 Start proved to be a valuable resource. “They kept challenging us and took all our plans through a thorough, necessary and constructive reality check. This prepared us well for what to expect and helped us plan for the adventure ahead. Today, almost five years later, I can clearly see that this early feedback has played a significant role in many of our key choices and milestones.”

Support for EIC Accelerator funding

Arspectra has also interacted with Luxinnovation several times when applying for R&D and innovation subsidies. “In addition to providing us with information regarding various support and funding opportunities, Luxinnovation acted as a first screening and validation barrier for our national and European funding applications to help us make sure they fulfilled all the criteria,” says Mr Spaas.

Luxinnovation proof-tested our team while giving key advice.
Cédric Spaas

In order to take its technology to the next level – a step that eventually requires very large investments and clinical trials with hundreds of patients – Arspectra successfully applied for funding from the Horizon Europe programme provided through the EIC Accelerator. “In this most recent success, Luxinnovation proof-tested our team while giving key advice. They connected us to a variety of experts who challenged us on all aspects of the go-to-market approach and trained us to successfully apply for this very competitive funding.”

Mr Spaas sees the contacts with Luxinnovation as a long-term relationship. “The agency, and more specifically its HealthTech Cluster, is a fundamental source of support and networking for Arspectra and other start-ups. We enjoy working with the team of advisors, and appreciate all their efforts to interconnect the players within and beyond the Luxembourg ecosystem of start-ups, medtech firms and institutions.”

Photo: © Luxinnovation/Sophie Margue

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