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Fit4 Start #14: enabling a strategic pivot

The startups in the Fit 4 Start #14 edition share how their journey has evolved since joining the programme.
The Fit 4 Start programme, managed by Luxinnovation, offers numerous benefits to young enterprises worldwide. Through tailored coaching and constant feedback over six months, each startup’s evolution is unique. Participants in the 14th edition of Fit 4 Start share what they appreciate most about the programme.

A solid foundation for successful market entry

“Our business strategy has undergone significant evolution since becoming part of the Fit 4 Start programme, particularly considering the highly normative nature of the construction sector. While we initially entered with grand aspirations, we swiftly learned the importance of pragmatism and adaptability. Our journey has involved a strategic pivot towards structuring our approach to ensure our products effectively enter the market within this conservative industry.” Angelika Bocian-Jaworska, Founder, AERD Lab.

“The insights and guidance provided have significantly influenced our approach to entering the market, particularly in the critical pre-launch phase. The programme has helped us refine our strategies, ensuring that we address key issues effectively and set a solid foundation for successful market entry.” Fabienne Stanitz, Founder and CEO, FabstWines.

“We've refined our target market, optimised our go-to-market strategy and enhanced our product offering based on valuable feedback and insights gained throughout the programme and especially through our mentors.” Laura Laringe, CEO and Co-Founder, reLi Energy GmbH.

Diversifying market reach and customer base

“Initially, our focus was solely on the domestic military and security market. However, the coaching sessions provided by Fit 4 Start have broadened our perspective and capabilities, enabling us to explore new opportunities beyond our original scope. We have successfully expanded into the global advertising sector and are now actively engaging with the B2G sector, particularly in Luxembourg, thus diversifying our market reach and potential customer base.” Wonsuk Kim, CTO, Safe AI.

“Initially, our approach was primarily product-focused, aiming to perfect our technology without a strong emphasis on market dynamics. The programme has shifted our perspective towards a more market-driven approach, emphasizing customer discovery and validation to ensure our product meets real and verified needs. We've also refined our go-to-market strategy, incorporating more feedback loops and becoming agile in our deployment strategies, which has been critical for adapting to the fast-paced healthcare sector.” David Hojah, Founder, Polly.

“Through the mentorship, coaching and networking opportunities provided by Fit 4 Start, we gained valuable insights and feedback that helped us refine our product offerings, target market, and go-to-market strategy. Additionally, exposure to new market trends influenced our strategic decisions, allowing us to adapt more effectively in a competitive landscape.” Igor Ismagilov, Founder, PsyTech VR.

Clear objectives and global focus

“Thanks to the programme and feedback from mentors and jurors we have managed to establish a much more global focus for our company, improving our market segmentation and go to market strategy.” Daniel Heinisch, Founder and CEO, Recog Analytics.

“The strategy has not changed. We have been able to be clearer about our objectives, regulatory path and shape our story towards investors.” Philipp Kuhn-Régnier, Founder, Sonia.

“The programme's emphasis on market validation and customer discovery helped our management to re-evaluate our initial assumptions about our target market and value proposition. As a result, we were able to identify new potential customers and tailor our product accordingly. We also gained a better understanding of how to position ourselves in the competitive landscape, which led to adjustments in our go-to-market approach. Fit 4 Start provided us with an excellent opportunity to iterate and improve our strategy based on real-world feedback and industry expertise from both the coaches and the jury members. Finally, access to the high performance computing facility allows our technology to change scale.” Marwen Nefati, Symbiose Management.

“We have looked in greater detail at competitor analysis and market traction as well as becoming laser focused on opportunities.” Jamie Meighan, CEO, UPLIFT360.

Valuable lessons learned

“The importance of maintaining a comprehensive overview of all aspects of our business, even those that may initially seem less critical. Focusing intensely on product development, for example, should not come at the expense of neglecting other essential areas. Understanding and solidifying our business strategies early on ensures we build a robust foundation, crucial for scaling effectively in the future.” Fabienne Stanitz, Founder and CEO of FabstWines.

“Flexibility in startup development. We've learned that while having a clear vision and plan is crucial, the ability to pivot and adapt to feedback and changing market conditions is equally important. This adaptability has been key in addressing unforeseen challenges, especially in a field as complex and regulated as healthcare technology. Embracing change and incorporating diverse perspectives from mentors and peers in the programme has significantly enriched our strategic planning and execution.” David Hojah, Founder, Polly.

“The importance of customer validation and market research. Through the guidance of mentors and workshops, we understood the critical need to deeply understand our target audience, their pain points, and preferences. By actively seeking feedback, conducting surveys, and engaging with potential customers, we were able to validate our product-market fit, refine our value proposition, and tailor our offerings to better meet the needs of our target market. This customer-centric approach ultimately helped us build a more successful and sustainable business.” Igor Ismagilov, Founder, PsyTech VR.

“Two topics really helped us to improve our pitch and story significantly: making a distinction between product performance advantage and unique selling proposition, and being more precise about the competition both in macro and micro market terms.” Philipp Kuhn-Régnier, Founder, Sonia.

“A key lesson is that we should not be hard on ourselves as founders - we are doing well, but learning from mentors and other founders is really important.” Jamie Meighan, CEO, UPLIFT360.

To celebrate the journey and achievements of these young enterprises, a special graduation ceremony and networking cocktail will take place on 26 June 2024 during Nexus2050.  


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