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Fit 4 Start #14: The journey so far

With 13 successful editions, Fit 4 Start has built a strong reputation for nurturing startups for success. Feedback from edition #14 participants reaffirms this.
The entrepreneurial journey is often marked by constant evolution and learning, and for the 20 startups currently participating in the Fit 4 Start #14 edition, this sentiment holds particularly true as the past five months have been a transformative period.

While some reverted to the drawing board to refine their products and go-to-market strategies following the invaluable guidance and support received, others have utilized the industry connections they established through the experience to expand their client base or seek out new partnerships to drive their growth and success in a competitive market.

The diverse feedback demonstrates the tailored approach of the programme, highlighting its ability to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of each startup. This individualised support has empowered them to navigate their specific challenges effectively and seize opportunities that align with their distinct business goals.

Coaching sessions were incredibly beneficial

“We have benefited tremendously from the support of our personal coaches. They have truly acted as our sparring partners when we were faced with important business decisions and wanted a second opinion or to stress-test new ideas, and they brought an incredible amount of knowledge and relevant expertise to our start-up. I can only hope we stay in touch after the programme,” Heidi Van Dyck, CEO, Athena Studio.

“The structured series of coaching sessions, expert workshops and steering committees effectively linked together many topics that founders must address on a day-to-day basis when running a startup and we applied learnings directly at ClimateCamp. This helped us refine our value proposition and market segments focus, sharpening our go to market approach and effectively continue to differentiate against the competition.” Vitalie Schiopu, Co-founder and CTO, ClimateCamp.
“The individual coaching sessions were incredibly beneficial as they provided tailored advice that helped us navigate the transition from academia to business. The programme's resources and network have been invaluable in our growth journey so far.” Cédric Herzog, CEO, CodeClarity.

“The most beneficial aspects of the Fit 4 Start programme for our startup are the coaching and expert sessions. These resources are invaluable during the early and pre-launch phases, helping to shape our business plan and address critical issues such as IP protection, GDPR compliance, and cybersecurity. Additionally, having access to seasoned experts who guide our go-to-market strategy ensures that we execute our business plan effectively. These sessions are not only insightful and challenging but are exactly what we need to build a successful company.” Fabienne Stanitz, Founder and CEO, FabstWines.

Transformation of innovative academic work into a successful business

“Kapital has benefited greatly from the expert sessions of the Fit 4 Start programme, getting insights and coaching directly from industry insiders that understand the business we're in. The regularity of these sessions is helpful in keeping us on track with our targets and the experts go out of their way to customize the time around our current needs. Additionally, an unexpected benefit of Fit 4 Start has been the support we've received from the broader Luxembourg ecosystem, particularly when it comes to opening doors to potential partners and customers.” Arman Anaturk, Co-founder and CEO, Kapital.

“It is a well-known fact that the transformation of innovative academic work into a successful business is a hard task, and finding the right path to achieve this is not trivial. This is why I and all my team members are very happy and grateful to be part of the Fit 4 Start programme for its strategic guidance and supportive ecosystem. It has provided us not only with invaluable knowledge, help and advice about the different business aspects, but also put forward excellent coaches to guide us through our journey, challenge our ideas, encourage us to think differently and inspire us to push our limits.” Hakam Agha, Founder, Trace Crystal.
“For Invitrolize it was clearly the sessions with the individual coaches that had the most benefit for us as they asked questions we had not thought about. This helped us to reshape some aspects of our strategy.” Arno Gutleb, Founder, Invitrolize.

Connecting with potential investors and partners

“The most beneficial resource from the Fit 4 Start programme has been the access to expert mentoring and tailored coaching sessions. These interactions have provided critical insights into refining our business model and optimizing our product development strategy. Additionally, the networking opportunities facilitated by the programme have been invaluable, connecting us with potential investors and partners who are aligned with our mission in the healthcare technology space. The structured framework and milestones set by the programme have also helped us stay focused and accelerate our progress effectively.” David Hojah, Founder, Polly.

“Fit 4 Start connected us with experienced mentors and coaches who provided guidance on various aspects of regulations, marketing, and finance.” Igor Ismagilov, Founder, PsyTech VR.

“The structured content delivered from experts and the challenges in the content from coaches (Peter, Jean-Yves) and the steering committee.” Philipp Kuhn-Régnier, Founder, Sonia.

“The most beneficial resource from the Fit 4 Start programme has been access to a network of great mentors and industry experts. This network has not only opened doors to market insights but has actively challenged and refined our strategic thinking. The real gold has been in the candid feedback and the brainstorming sessions that have pushed us beyond conventional boundaries, enabling us to reimagine the potential of AI in geospatial analytics. This programme has acted not just as a catalyst for growth but as an architect reshaping our approach to innovation.” Bartosz Grejner, Founder, BeyondEx.

“The comprehensive support and guidance received by attending diverse sessions and interacting with mentors have been extremely invaluable. I can confidently affirm that the most significant benefit of participating in the Fit 4 Start programme for us lies in the substantial enhancement and refinement of our value proposition and go-to-market strategy.” Rudder Wu, Founder and CTO, Thermalytica Inc.

“We benefited the most from mentoring and got to market strategy and insights.” Jamie Meighan, CEO, UPLIFT360.

To celebrate the journey and achievements of these young enterprises, a special graduation ceremony and networking cocktail will take place on 26 June 2024 during Nexus2050.


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