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Manufacturing assessment

In-depth digital assessment to boost manufacturing performance

The advanced assessment by L-DIH thoroughly evaluates five key areas of a company's digital DNA to ascertain its maturity level and propose a roadmap for improvement.
Each company moves at its own speed and faces distinct challenges along its digital transformation path. Therefore, understanding, measuring and monitoring the stage of digital growth have become critical for organisations that want to thrive in the digital age.

To respond to the evolving needs of manufacturing companies, the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub (L-DIH) recently introduced an advanced digital maturity assessment.

“This in-depth analysis is a follow-up to the initial digital maturity evaluation we offer. It demonstrates our consortiums commitment to support the ambitions of our manufacturing companies at different stages in their digital transition,” explains Joachim Clemens-Stolbrink, Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub Manager at Luxinnovation. 

Five dimensions under review

Unlike the initial assessment, which is beneficial for all types of companies, this sector-specific assessment is tailored for manufacturing companies. It comprehensively addresses five critical areas:
  • Company strategy
  • Value stream
  • Organisation
  • Tools and methods
  • People

“We look at the entire supply chain, from where they get raw materials to product delivery, how they integrate digital tools for enhanced efficiency, and KPIs,” points out Dr Sri Kolla, former Research Project Officer at the University of Luxembourg. “We also explore the kind of tools they use to solve problems, and perceptions to innovation and changes,” he adds.

All these dimensions are thoroughly examined with the company to identify gaps using a set of relevant questions. At the end of the process, a comprehensive report and roadmap is presented and discussed with the company.

L-DIH: at the service of manufacturers

Manufacturing companies that opt for the advanced digital maturity assessment first need to complete the initial evaluation, which takes approximately one day.

The Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub also offers other services to manufacturers looking to advance their digital transformation.

All L-DIH services covering various types of assessments, including technology testing up to digital roadmap support services, are 100% subsidised by the European Commission and national state aid.

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